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1 Aage Norse Ancestors. M
2 Abdul Aalee Muslim Servant of the Most High.. M
3 Abdul-Aalee Muslim Servant of the Most High.. M
4 Abe Hebrew Diminutive of Abraham: Father of a multitude. In Genesis the Old Testament patriarch Abram's name was changed to Abraham when it was revealed he would be father of the Hebrew nation. Further popularized by 19th century US president Abraham Lincoln. M
5 Abejide African Nigerian name for one who is born in the wintertime. M
6 Abilene Biblical The father of mourning M
7 Able Hebrew Exhalation of breath. The second son of Adam in the bible. The variant Able is used as an English surname. M
8 Abornazine NativeAmerican Abnaki word for keeper of the flame. M
9 Ace Anglo-Saxon Unity. M

10 Ace English Unity; a nickname given to one who excels; also an English surname meaning noble. M
11 Ace Latin First in luck. M
12 Adalwine German Noble friend. M
13 Adare Irish From the ford of the oak tree. M
14 Addae African Ghanian word for the morning sun. M
15 Addaneye English Lives on the noble's island. M
16 Addergoole Irish From between two fords. M
17 Addie Hebrew Son of Adam: Man of the red earth. M
18 Ade African Nigerian word meaning royal. M
19 Adne German Eagle. M
20 Adoeete NativeAmerican Kiowa word for tree. M