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1 Aderrig Irish From the red ford. M
2 Agag Biblical Roof, upper floor. M
3 Aghaderg Irish From the red ford. M
4 Aillig Scottish From the stony place. M
5 Alfrigg Norse A mythical dwarf. M
6 Antranig Armenian First born. M
7 Anynnawg Welsh Legendary son of Menw. M
8 Armstrang English Strong armed. M
9 Armstrang Scottish Strong. M

10 Armstrong English One with a strong arm. M
11 Armstrong Scottish Strong. M
12 Arnlaug Norse Eagle. M
13 Avang Norse An Irishman. M
14 Balmung Norse Siegfried's sword. M
15 Banaing English Son of the slayer. M
16 Banning Anglo-Saxon One who reads the banns. M
17 Banning English Son of the slayer. M
18 Banning Gaelic Little blond one. M
19 Baug Norse Son of Raud. M
20 Beag Irish Variant of Beacan: Small. M