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1 Abantiades Latin Descendant of Abas. M
2 Abbaas Muslim Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.. M
3 Abbas Arabic Stern; lion. M
4 Abbas Muslim Description of a lion.. M
5 Abderus Greek A friend of Hercules. M
6 Abdul Qudoos Muslim Servant of the Most Holy.. M
7 Abdul Qudus Muslim Variant of Abdul Qudoos: Servant of the Most Holy.. M
8 Abdul-Qudoos Muslim Servant of the Most Holy.. M
9 Abdul-Qudus Muslim Variant of Abdul-Qudoos: Servant of the Most Holy.. M

10 Absyrtus Greek Brother of Medea. M
11 Absyrtus Latin Murdered by his sister Medea. M
12 Abydos Greek From Abydos. M
13 Academicus Latin Name of a philosopher. M
14 Acarnanus Latin From Acarnania. M
15 Acastus Greek An Argonaut. M
16 Acastus Latin Son of Pelias. M
17 Accius Latin A Roman poet. M
18 Acestes Greek A Trojan king from Greek mythology. M
19 Achaemenes Latin A Persian. M
20 Achaemenius Latin A Persian. M