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1 Aakav Hindi Shape. M
2 Achav Hebrew Uncle. M
3 Adiv Hebrew Gentle; delicate. M
4 Arv German Diminutive of Arvin: Friend of the people. M
5 Aviv Hebrew Spring; young. M
6 Baldev Hindi Strong god. M
7 Bohuslav Czech God's glory. M
8 Bohuslav Slavic God's glory. M
9 Boleslav Czech Great glory. M

10 Branislav Czech Variant of Bronislav: Glorious armor. M
11 Bratislav Czech Glorious brother. M
12 Bretislav Czech Glorious noise. M
13 Bronislav Czech Glorious armor. M
14 Budislav Czech Glorious awakening. M
15 Cawrdav Welsh Legendary son of Caradawg. M
16 Ceslav Czech Glorious honour. M
17 Chaviv Hebrew Dearly loved. M
18 Cheslav Russian Lives in a strong camp. M
19 Chev French Diminutive of Chevalier: Knight. M
20 Chiranjiv Hindi Long-lived one. M