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1 Andrew Biblical A strong man M
2 Andrew English Manly; brave. In the bible the first of the twelve apostles chosen. Andrew is patron saint of Scotland and Russia. See also Jedrick and Kendrick. M
3 Andrew Greek Manly. St Andrew, an apostle of Jesus Christ, later became patron saint of Scotland. The Scottish city St Andrews is named for him. It was in frequent use throughout Britain during the Middle Ages. M
4 Andrew Scottish Manly. From the Greek Andrew. Has long been a popular Scottish name, because St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland after whom the town of St Andrews was named. M
5 Andrew Shakespearean 'Twelfth Night', also called 'What You Will' Sir Andrew Aguecheek. M
6 Arthw Anglo-Saxon Like an eagle. M
7 Baerhloew English Ruler or lives on the bare hill. M
8 Barhloew English Lives on the bare hill. M
9 Barlow English Lives on the bare hill. M

10 Barrlow English Variant of Barlow: Hillside. M
11 Bartholomew Biblical A son that suspends the waters M
12 Bartholomew English Son of a farmer. Both surname and given name. M
13 Bartholomew Hebrew Ploughman. Son of Talmai (Talmai is a variant of Tolmai, meaning abounding in furrows.) Famous bearer: St Bartholomew was an apostle of Jesus Christ. M
14 Bedyw Welsh Legendary son of Seithved. M
15 Boguslaw Polish Gods glory. M
16 Boguslaw Slavic God's glory. M
17 Boleslaw Polish Great glory. M
18 Boryslaw Polish Battle glory. M
19 Bow Gaelic Diminutive of Bowen: Small son. M
20 Bradshaw English English surnames related to Bradley: broad clearing in the wood. M