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1 Ajax Greek Eagle. Also a figure in ancient Greek mythology. M
2 Ajax Latin A Greek at Troy. M
3 Ajax Shakespearean 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' A Greek commander. M
4 Alex English Abbreviation of Alexander defender of mankind. M
5 Alex Greek Diminutive of Alexander: Defender of men; protector of mankind. M
6 Alix Greek Defender of man. M
7 Amoux French Eagle wolf. M
8 Ampyx Greek Father of Mopsus. M
9 Astyanax Greek King of the city. Son of Hector killed at Troy. M

10 Astynax Latin Son of Hector. M
11 Ax Scandinavian Diminutive of Axel: Father of peace. M
12 Bax English Baker. M
13 Calbex English Shepherd. M
14 Calix Latin Chalice. M
15 Calvex English Shepherd. M
16 Ceyx Greek Husband of Alcyone. M
17 Chuslum Moxmox NativeAmerican Nez Perce name meaning yellow bull. M
18 Dax English Water. M
19 Dax French A town in southwestern France dating from before the Roman occupation. M
20 Devereaux English Surnames derived from place name Deverel. M