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2261 Arend German Power of an eagle. M
2262 Areopagus Biblical The hill of Mars. M
2263 Ares Greek The Greek god of war. M
2264 Ares Latin Greek god of war. M
2265 Aretas Biblical Agreeable, virtuous. M
2266 ArgIwydd Welsh Lord. M
2267 Argo Greek Name of Jason's ship. M
2268 Argob Biblical A turf, or fat land. M
2269 Argos Greek All seeing. M

2270 Argus Danish Vigilant. M
2271 Argus Greek Bright; all seeing. M
2272 Argus Latin A monster. M
2273 Argyle Celtic From the land of the Irish. M
2274 Argyle Scottish From the land of the Gauls. M
2275 Ari Greek Diminutive of Aristotle: Superior; best of thinkers. Famous Bearers: ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, and Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. M
2276 Ari Hebrew Lion. M
2277 Ari Maori Visible and clear. M
2278 Ari Norse Eagle. M
2279 Arian Anglo-Saxon Spares. M
2280 Arian Welsh Silver. Derived from Greek Arion, mythological magic horse born to Poseidon and Demeter. M