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2561 Asaf Hebrew Gathers. M
2562 Asaf Muslim Variant of Aasaf: Clear. Lined up.. M
2563 Asahel Biblical Creature of God. M
2564 Asaiah Biblical The Lord hath wrought M
2565 Asaph Biblical Who gathers together. M
2566 Asaph Hebrew Gathers. M
2567 Asareel Biblical The beatitude of God. M
2568 Asariel Greek He who guards Pisceans. M
2569 Asbiom Norse Divine bear. M

2570 Asbjom Norse Divine bear. M
2571 Asbjorn Scandinavian Variant of Esbjorn: Divine bear. M
2572 Ascalaphus Greek Turned into an owl by Persephone. M
2573 Ascanius Greek Figure in ancient Greek mythology. M
2574 Ascanius Latin Son of Aeneas. M
2575 Asclepius Latin God of medicine. M
2576 Ascot English Lives at the east cottage. M
2577 Ascott English Lives at the east cottage. M
2578 Ase Hebrew Variant of Asa: Doctor. M
2579 Ase Scandinavian Variant of Asa 'healer;physician.'. M
2580 Aseef Muslim Variant of Asif: Forgiveness.. M