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2661 Assan Irish Waterfall. M
2662 Asshurim Biblical Liers in want; beholders. M
2663 Assim Persian Great one. M
2664 Assir Biblical Prisoner; fettered M
2665 Assos Biblical Approaching, coming near. M
2666 Assur Biblical Who is happy; or walks; or looks M
2667 Assyria Biblical Country of Assur or Ashur. M
2668 Astennu Egyptian God of the moon. M
2669 Aston English From the eastern town. M

2670 Astraeus Greek Starry one. M
2671 Astyanax Greek King of the city. Son of Hector killed at Troy. M
2672 Astynax Latin Son of Hector. M
2673 Astyrian Anglo-Saxon Remove. M
2674 Asuppim Biblical Gatherings. M
2675 Asura Indian A demon. M
2676 Asvald Norse Son of Ulf. M
2677 Aswad Arabic Black. M
2678 Aswad Egyptian Black. M
2679 Aswin English Friend with a spear. M
2680 Aswinn English Variant of Aswin: Friend with a spear. M