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2701 Athach Biblical Thy time. M
2702 Athaiah Biblical The Lord's time. M
2703 Athamas Greek Father of Phrixus and Helle. M
2704 Athamas Latin Brother of Sisyphus. M
2705 Athan Greek Immortal. M
2706 Athanasios Greek Noble. M
2707 Athanasius Greek Immortal. M
2708 Athangelos Armenian Name of a historian. M
2709 Athar Muslim Very pious. Pure.. M

2710 Athdar Gaelic From the oak tree ford. M
2711 Athdar Scottish From the oak tree ford. M
2712 Athdara Gaelic From the oak tree ford. M
2713 Atheistan English From the Old English Aethelstan meaning noble stone. Atheistan was a 10th century Anglo-Saxon king. Sir Walter Scott used the name Atheistan in his 19th century novel Ivanhoe. M
2714 Athelstan Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
2715 Athelstan English High-born rock. M
2716 Athelston English From the noble's hill. M
2717 Athelward English Noble protector. M
2718 Athemar English Noble or famous. M
2719 Atherton English From the town by a spring. M
2720 Athlai Biblical My hour or time. M