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2901 Averil English Wild boar. M
2902 Averill Anglo-Saxon Born in April. M
2903 Averill English Wild boar. M
2904 Avernus Greek Portal to Hades. M
2905 Avernus Latin Gate to Hades. M
2906 Avery Anglo-Saxon Rules the elves. M
2907 Avery English Counselor; sage; wise. M
2908 Avery French Rules with elf-wisdom. M
2909 Averyl English Variant of Averill: Fighting boar. M

2910 Averyll English Variant of Averill: Fighting boar. M
2911 Avi Hebrew My God; Father. M
2912 Avia Hebrew Variant of Aviah: My father is Lord. M
2913 Aviah Hebrew My father is Lord. M
2914 Avichai Hebrew My father is alive. M
2915 Avidan Hebrew God is just; father. M
2916 Avidor Hebrew Father of a multitude. M
2917 Aviel Hebrew Variant of Abiel: God is my father. M
2918 Avigdor Hebrew Father protection. M
2919 Avikar Hebrew My father is priceless. M
2920 Avikar Hindi Flawlessness. M