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3021 Azekah Biblical Strength of walls M
3022 Azel Hebrew Variant of Atzel: Noble. M
3023 Azfar Muslim Most Victorious.. M
3024 Azgad Biblical A strong army; a gang of robbers M
3025 Azhar Muslim Luminous. Brilliant. Clear. Evident.. M
3026 Azi African Nigerian name meaning 'youth'. M
3027 Azibo Egyptian Earth. M
3028 Aziel Hebrew God is my power. M
3029 Azim Arabic Defender. M

3030 Aziz Arabic Powerful. M
3031 Azizi Arabic Precious. M
3032 Azizi Egyptian Precious. M
3033 Azmaveth Biblical Strong death; a he-goat M
3034 Azmon Biblical 'Bone of a bone, our strength' M
3035 Aznoth-tabor Biblical The ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition M
3036 Azor Biblical A helper; a court M
3037 Azotus Biblical Diffusion; inclination; theft M
3038 Azrael Hebrew God's help. M
3039 Azriel Biblical Help of God. M
3040 Azriel Hebrew God helps. M