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421 Abrecan Anglo-Saxon Storm. M
422 Absalom Biblical Father of peace M
423 Absalom Hebrew Father of peace. In the bible Absalom son of King David was renowned for handsome appearance and ability to win loyalty and allegiance. M
424 Absalon Hebrew Variant of Absalom: Father of peace; handsome prince. M
425 Absolon French The father is peace, or father of peace. Form of Hebrew Absolom who was son of Old Testament King David. Became popular in the 12th century. M
426 Absyrtus Greek Brother of Medea. M
427 Absyrtus Latin Murdered by his sister Medea. M
428 Abu Bakr Arabic Companion of Muhammad. M
429 Abu Bakr Muslim Companion of Prophet Muhammad.. M

430 Abubakar Egyptian Noble. M
431 Abukcheech NativeAmerican Mouse (Algonquin). M
432 Abul Khayr Muslim One who does good.. M
433 Abydos Greek From Abydos. M
434 Academicus Latin Name of a philosopher. M
435 Acair Scottish Anchor. M
436 Acaiseid Scottish Anchor. M
437 Acarnanus Latin From Acarnania. M
438 Acastus Greek An Argonaut. M
439 Acastus Latin Son of Pelias. M
440 Accad Biblical A vessel, pitcher, spark. M