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441 Accalon ArthurianLegend Lover of Morgan le Fay. M
442 Accho Biblical Close, pressed together. M
443 Accius Latin A Roman poet. M
444 Ace Anglo-Saxon Unity. M
445 Ace English Unity; a nickname given to one who excels; also an English surname meaning noble. M
446 Ace Latin First in luck. M
447 Acel French Adherent of a nobleman. M
448 Aceldama Biblical Field of blood. M
449 Acennan Anglo-Saxon Brings. M

450 Acestes Greek A Trojan king from Greek mythology. M
451 Acey Anglo-Saxon Unity. M
452 Achab Biblical Brother of the father M
453 Achaean Latin A Greek. M
454 Achaemenes Latin A Persian. M
455 Achaemenius Latin A Persian. M
456 Achaeus Latin A Greek. M
457 Achaia Biblical Grief, trouble. M
458 Achaicus Biblical A native of Achaia, sorrowing, sad. M
459 Achaius Irish Horseman. M
460 Achaius Scottish Friend of a horse. M