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501 Acis Latin Son of Faunus. M
502 Ackerley English Dweller at the acre meadow. M
503 Ackley English Dwells at the oak tree meadow. M
504 Acrisioniades Latin Descendant of Acrisius. M
505 Acrisius Greek Grandfather of Perseus. M
506 Acrisius Latin Father of Danae. M
507 Actaeon Greek In ancient Greek mythology Actaeon was a hunter dismembered by his own dogs. M
508 Actaeon Latin A hunter. M
509 Actaeonis Latin A hunter. M

510 Actaeus Latin From Athens. M
511 Acteon Greek A hunter dismembered by his own dogs. M
512 Acton English A town in the U.K. M
513 Actor Latin Son of Azeus. M
514 Actoris Latin Son of Azeus. M
515 Acwel Anglo-Saxon Kills. M
516 Acwellen Anglo-Saxon Kills. M
517 Adad Greek Storm and flood god. M
518 Adadah Biblical Testimony of the assembly M
519 Adael Hebrew God's ornament. M
520 Adah Biblical An assembly M