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181 Ashoka Indian Name of an emperor. M
182 Ashvaghosha Hindi Horse's neigh. M
183 Asia Biblical Muddy; boggy. M
184 Assyria Biblical Country of Assur or Ashur. M
185 Asura Indian A demon. M
186 Ata African Ghanian name given to the first-born twin. M
187 Ata Egyptian Twin. M
188 Ataa Muslim Gift. Favor.. M
189 Ataya Hebrew Variant of Ataiah: God helps. M

190 Athdara Gaelic From the oak tree ford. M
191 Atlea English Variant of Atley: From the meadow. M
192 Attakullakulla NativeAmerican Variant of Atagulkalu: Cherokee name meaning pitched trees. M
193 Attalia Biblical That increases or sends M
194 Atuanya African A surprise; unexpected. (Nigerian). M
195 Atyaananda Hindi Full of joy. M
196 Auriga Latin Wagoner. M
197 Avanindra Hindi Lord of the earth. M
198 Avia Hebrew Variant of Aviah: My father is Lord. M
199 Avisha Hebrew Variant of Avishai: Gift from God. M
200 Aviya Hebrew Variant of Aviah: My father is Lord. M