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21 Abia Hawaiian Variant of Apia: God is my father. M
22 Abia Hebrew Variant of Aviah: My father is Lord. M
23 Abiola African Nigerian name given to one born during the New Year. M
24 Abisha Hebrew The Lord is my father. M
25 Abishua Biblical Father of salvation M
26 Aceldama Biblical Field of blood. M
27 Achaia Biblical Grief, trouble. M
28 Acharya Indian Spiritual teacher. M
29 Achazia Hebrew Variant of Achazya: God has taken. M

30 Achazya Hebrew God has taken. M
31 Achida Hebrew Smart brother. M
32 Achiya Hebrew God is my brother. M
33 Achmetha Biblical Brother of death M
34 Adaia Hebrew Variant of Adaiah: Witness of God. M
35 Adamka Hebrew Variant of Adam: Man of the red earth. Adam was the first man created by God. M
36 Adamya Hindi Difficult. M
37 Adapa Greek Figure in ancient Greek mythology. M
38 Adaya Hebrew Variant of Adaiah: Witness of God. M
39 Adda Welsh Welsh form of Adam 'of the red earth'. M
40 Adejola African Nigerian name meaning 'the crown needs honour'. M