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81 Akalanka Hindi Pale. M
82 Akavya Hebrew Variant of Akiva: Heel; replaces. M
83 Akecheta NativeAmerican Fighter (Sioux). M
84 Akela Hawaiian Lucky. M
85 Akeliela Hawaiian God's majesty. M
86 Akhilendra Hindi Lord of the universe. M
87 Akiba Hebrew Variant of Akiva: Heel; replaces. M
88 Akinlana African Brave (Nigerian). M
89 Akira Japanese Variant of Akihiko: Bright boy. M

90 Akiva Hebrew Heel; replaces. M
91 Akoniia Hawaiian The Lord is my God. M
92 Akshobhya Indian One of the Dhyani Buddhas. M
93 Akua African Ghanian name for one born on Thursday. M
94 Ala Arabic Superior. M
95 Alaa Muslim Nobility. Excellence.. M
96 Alba Italian A place name. M
97 Alba Spanish A place name. M
98 Alebana Hawaiian Variant of Alepana: From Alba. M
99 Aleka Hawaiian Variant of Alekanekelo: Protector. M
100 Alekona Hawaiian From the old town. M