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101 Alemana Hawaiian Warrior. M
102 Alepana Hawaiian From Alba. M
103 Aletona Hawaiian Variant of Alekona: From the old town. M
104 Alevina Hawaiian Variant of Alewina: Elves' friend. M
105 Alewina Hawaiian Elves' friend. M
106 Ali Ridhaa Muslim Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.. M
107 Alika Hawaiian Variant of Alekanekelo: Protector. M
108 Alleluia Biblical Praise the Lord M
109 Aloyoshenka Russian Defends mankind. M

110 Aloysha Russian Defends mankind. M
111 Alva Arabic Sublime. Alvah was a biblical place and tribal name. M
112 Alva German Variant of Alvin: Friend. M
113 Alva Hebrew Brightness, exalted, exalted one. The form Alvah is used in the Old Testament. Famous bearer: prolific American inventor Thomas Alva Edison developed the electric light bulb. M
114 Alva Latin White. M
115 Alwalda Anglo-Saxon All ruler. M
116 Alyosha Greek Defender of man. M
117 Alyoshenka Greek Defender of man. M
118 Amada Latin Variant of Amadeus: He who loves God. Famous Bearer: late composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. M
119 Amana Biblical Integrity, truth, a nurse. M
120 Amana Hawaiian Variant of Alemana: Warrior. M