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141 Andrusha Russian Russian form of Andrew 'manly'. M
142 Andrya Russian Russian form of Andrew 'manly'. M
143 Andsaca Anglo-Saxon Enemy. M
144 Anederea Hawaiian Variant of Anakelea: Masculine; manly. M
145 Anewa Maori To fall. M
146 Anhaga Anglo-Saxon Solitary. M
147 Aniweta African Nigerian name meaning 'brought by a spirit'. M
148 Anmcha Irish Brave. M
149 Anna Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M

150 Anna English Name of a king. M
151 Anndra Greek Manly. M
152 Antosha Russian Inestimable. M
153 Anuenue Akua Hawaiian Rainbow's spirit. M
154 Anwealda Anglo-Saxon Ruler. M
155 Aodha Irish Variant of Aodh: Fire; fiery. M
156 Apara African Nigerian name meaning 'child that comes and goes'. M
157 Apekaloma Hawaiian Peaceful father. M
158 Apela Hawaiian Breath; breathing spirit (Hawaiian variant of Abel). M
159 Apelahama Hawaiian Father to many (Hawaiian variant of Abraham). M
160 Apelama Hawaiian He who has many children. M