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161 Apia Hawaiian God is my father. M
162 Apilama Hawaiian Variant of Apelama: He who has many children. M
163 Apocrypha Biblical Hidden. M
164 Apollonia Biblical Perdition, destruction. M
165 Aqa Muslim Variant of Agha: Master. Owner.. M
166 Aquila Biblical An eagle. M
167 Aquila Latin Eagle' Used by Romans, early Christians, and mentioned in the New Testament, and in use in English-speaking countries since the 17th century. M
168 Ara Biblical Cursing, seeing. M
169 Arabia Biblical Evening, desert, ravens. M

170 Arba Biblical Four. M
171 Archidamusa Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' Lord of Bohemia. M
172 Aremana Hawaiian Variant of Alemana: Warrior. M
173 Arimathea Biblical A lion dead to the Lord M
174 Aruna Indian God of the dawn. M
175 Aryabhata Hindi Astronomer. M
176 Asa Biblical Physician; cure M
177 Asa Hebrew Physician. Asa was the name of an Old Testament king of Judah, and after disuse, the name was revived by 17th century Puritans. Famous bearer: historian Asa Briggs.Healer. M
178 Asera Hawaiian Variant of Akela: Lucky. M
179 Asha Persian Protector of fire. M
180 Ashima Biblical Crime, offense. M