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41 Abed Muslim Worshipper. Adorer.. M
42 Abelard German Resolute. M
43 Abelard Teutonic Resolute. M
44 Abid Muslim Variant of Aabid: Worshipper. Adorer.. M
45 Abid Arabic Worshiper of Allah. M
46 Abihud Biblical Father of praise; confession M
47 Abiud Biblical Father of praise M
48 Acaiseid Scottish Anchor. M
49 Accad Biblical A vessel, pitcher, spark. M

50 Adad Greek Storm and flood god. M
51 Adalard German Brave. M
52 Adalard Teutonic Brave noble. M
53 Adalhard German Brave. M
54 Adelard Teutonic Brave noble. M
55 Adelhard German Resolute. M
56 Aedd Welsh A king of Ireland. M
57 Aegelweard English Noble protector. M
58 Aelfraed English Sage. M
59 Aescford English Lives by the ash tree ford. M
60 Aethelbald Anglo-Saxon A king of Mercia. M