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101 Amjad Arabic More gratifying. M
102 Amjad Muslim Most glorious. Noble.. M
103 Amlawdd Welsh Legendary father of Goieuddydd. M
104 Ammihud Biblical People of praise. M
105 Ammizabad Biblical Dowry of the people. M
106 Amold German Power of an eagle. M
107 Amold Swedish Eagle. M
108 Amund Norse Bridal gift. M
109 Amynedd Welsh Patient. M

110 Anad Hindi God. M
111 Anand Hindi Happiness. M
112 Anarawd Welsh Legendary father of Iddig. M
113 Ancenned Anglo-Saxon Only child. M
114 Andweard Anglo-Saxon Present. M
115 Anfeald Anglo-Saxon Simple. M
116 Angawdd Welsh Legendary son of Caw. M
117 Aod Celtic Mythical son of Lyr. M
118 Arad Biblical A wild ass; a dragon M
119 Archaimbaud French Bold. M
120 Archard Anglo-Saxon Sacred. M