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121 Archard French Powerful. M
122 Archard German Strong. M
123 Archenhaud French Bold. M
124 Archerd Anglo-Saxon Sacred. M
125 Archibald Anglo-Saxon Bold. M
126 Archibald English True and bold, valuable. Introduced from German during the Norman Conquest, Archibald replaced an Old English form of the name in use since the 7th century. M
127 Archibald German From the Old German Ercanbald meaning true and bold. M
128 Archibald Scottish True and bold. Also 'bald'. Introduced from England and Germany during the Norman conquest, the Scottish interpreted the 'bald' to refer to the shaven head of a monk. M
129 Archibald Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 1' The Earl of Douglas. M

130 Archibald Teutonic Holy prince. M
131 Archimbald German Bold. M
132 Ard Biblical One that commands; he that descends M
133 Ardwyad Welsh Protector. M
134 Arend Danish Danish form of Arnold. M
135 Arend German Power of an eagle. M
136 ArgIwydd Welsh Lord. M
137 Arild Norse Battle commander. M
138 Aristid Greek Son of a great man. M
139 Arjumand Muslim Respected. Noble.. M
140 Arland Hebrew Pledge. M