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161 Arvid Norse Eagle tree. M
162 Arvid Swedish Of the people. M
163 Arvind Hindi Red lotus. M
164 Arwood English From the fir forest. M
165 As'ad Muslim Happier. Luckier.. M
166 Asad Arabic Fortunate; lion. M
167 Asad Indian Lion. M
168 Asad Muslim Lion. Leo.. M
169 Asgard Norse Mythical city of the gods. M

170 Asgerd Norse Spear of the gods. M
171 Ashdod Biblical Diffusion; inclination; theft M
172 Ashenford English Variant of Ashford: River ford near ash trees. M
173 Ashford English Lives by the ash tree ford. M
174 Asmund Scandinavian God is the protector. M
175 Asrod Norse Husband of Asvor. M
176 Asvald Norse Son of Ulf. M
177 Aswad Arabic Black. M
178 Aswad Egyptian Black. M
179 Atad Biblical A thorn. M
180 Athelward English Noble protector. M