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41 Aherne Gaelic Owns many horses. M
42 Ahote NativeAmerican Restless one (Hopi). M
43 Aibne Scottish River. M
44 Ailbe German Intelligent or noble. M
45 Ailbhe Irish Bright. M
46 Ainmire Irish Great lord. M
47 Ainslie English Derived from the Brittish Nottinghamshire place name of Annesley. From Ann's meadow. M
48 Airdsgainne Gaelic From the height of the cliff. M
49 Aisake Polynesian He laughs. M

50 Ake Norse Ancestors. M
51 Ake Scandinavian Ancestor. M
52 Ake Swedish Ancient. M
53 Akule NativeAmerican Looks up. M
54 Akwetee African Ghanian name for the second twin born. M
55 Albie English Variant of Albert: Old English for brilliant; bright. M
56 Aldridge Teutonic Sage. M
57 Aldwine English Wise friend. M
58 Aleferede Hawaiian Variant of Alepeleke: Counselor; advisor. M
59 Alepeleke Hawaiian Counselor; advisor. M
60 Alessandre Greek Variant of Alexander: Defender; protector of mankind. Famous Bearer: Alexander the Great. M