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81 Alvie German Intelligent or noble friend. M
82 Alycesone English Son of All. M
83 Ambonisye African Tanzianian name meaning 'God rewards me'. M
84 Ambrose English Immortal. M
85 Ambrose Greek Immortal. 5th-century British military leader Ambrosius Aurelianus was probably a prototype for legendary King Arthur. M
86 Ame German Eagle. M
87 Ame Scandinavian The eagle rules. M
88 Ame Swedish Eagle. M
89 Amorite Biblical Bitter, a rebel, a babbler. M

90 Anakale Hawaiian Crown. M
91 Anane African Ghanian name given to the fourth son born. M
92 Anatole Greek Easterner. M
93 Ancile Latin A king of Rome. M
94 Andre English Variant of Andrew: Brave; Manly. Famous Bearer: Prince Andrew. M
95 Andre French Masculine; manly; brave. M
96 Andre Portuguese Manly; brave. Variant of English Andrew. M
97 Andwearde Anglo-Saxon Present. M
98 Andwele African Tanzanian name meaning 'God brings me'. M
99 Ane Anglo-Saxon Graceful. M
100 Anerae French Variant of Andre: Masculine; manly; brave. M