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101 Angvariationu Toke NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning another day. M
102 Anstice Greek Immortal. M
103 Ante Latin Beyond praise. M
104 Antoine English Variant of Anthony: Highly praiseworthy. From a Roman clan name. In the 17th century, the spelling Anthony was associated with the Greek anthos meaning flower. M
105 Antoine French A french form of the English Anthony which is derived from a Roman clan name meaning highly praiseworthy. M
106 Antoine Latin Beyond praise. M
107 Antone Latin Variant of Anthony: Worthy of praise; of value. Saint Anthony is the patron sain of poor people. Famous Bearer: actor Anthony Hopkins. M
108 Apocalypse Biblical Uncovering, revelation. M
109 Appanoose NativeAmerican Sauk word for child. M

110 Archere English Bowman. M
111 Archie English A popular diminutive of Archibald, meaning true and bold, valuable. Famous bearers: a ventriloquist's dummy in the radio programme 'Educating Archie'; a philisophical cockroach created by American writer Don Marquis. M
112 Archie Scottish Diminutive of Archibald: True and bold. Also 'bald'. Introduced from England and Germany during the Norman conquest, the Scottish interpreted the 'bald' to refer to the shaven head of a monk. M
113 Ardmore Latin Ardent. M
114 Ardmore Teutonic Fervent. M
115 Are German Eagle. M
116 Are Scandinavian Eagle. M
117 Argyle Celtic From the land of the Irish. M
118 Argyle Scottish From the land of the Gauls. M
119 Arie Greek Diminutive of Aristotle: Superior; best of thinkers. Famous Bearers: ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, and Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. M
120 Arie Hebrew Variant of Ari: Lion. M