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141 Arye Hebrew Lion of God. M
142 Ase Hebrew Variant of Asa: Doctor. M
143 Ase Scandinavian Variant of Asa 'healer;physician.'. M
144 Ashbie English Variant of Ashby: Ash tree farm. M
145 Ashishishe NativeAmerican Crow name for crow. M
146 Athmore English From the moor. M
147 Atkinsone English Son of Aiken. M
148 Atmore English From the moor. M
149 Attewode English Lives in the forest. M

150 Atteworthe English Lives at the farmstead. M
151 Attie Celtic Strong as a bear. M
152 Attlee English Variant of Atley: From the meadow. M
153 Attmore English From the moor. M
154 Audie English Old friend. M
155 Audwine German Noble friend. M
156 Augate Hawaiian Variant of Aukake: Wise. M
157 Augie Latin Diminutive of August: Deserving of respect. M
158 Augustine German Majestic dignity; grandeur. M
159 Augustine Latin From Augustus meaning magic majestic, dignity, or venerable. Augustine was the first Archbishop of Canterbury, sent to Britain as a missionary by the pope in the 6th century. M
160 Aukake Hawaiian Wise. M