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21 Abukcheech NativeAmerican Mouse (Algonquin). M
22 Achaziah Hebrew Variant of Achazya: God has taken. M
23 Achimelech Hebrew The king is my brother. M
24 Achish Biblical Thus it is, how is this. M
25 Achshaph Biblical Poison, tricks. M
26 Adadah Biblical Testimony of the assembly M
27 Adah Biblical An assembly M
28 Adaiah Biblical The witness of the Lord M
29 Adaiah Hebrew Witness of God. M

30 Adaliah Biblical One that draws water, poverty, cloud, death M
31 Adamah Biblical Red earth; of blood M
32 Adamh Hebrew Variant of Adam: Man of the red earth. Adam was the first man created by God. M
33 Adhamh Gaelic Gaelic form of Adam. M
34 Adhamh Hebrew Son of Adam: Man of the red earth. M
35 Adhamh Irish Of the earth. M
36 Adhamh Scottish Of the earth. M
37 Admah Biblical Earthy; red; bloody M
38 Adnah Biblical Eternal rest. M
39 Adolph German Noble wolf. M
40 Adolph Latin Variant of Adolphus: Latinized form of the Old German Adalwolf' meaning noble wolf. Used by 17th and 18th century German royal families, and introduced into Britain by the Hanoverians. M