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61 Ahisamach Biblical Brother of strength M
62 Ahoah Biblical A live brother; my thorn or thistle M
63 Aholah Biblical His tabernacle; his tent M
64 Ahuzzah Biblical Possession, seizing, collecting M
65 Aiah Biblical Vulture, raven, an isle, alas, where is it?. M
66 Aiath Biblical Mass, heap. An hour, eye, fountain. M
67 Ailesh Hindi King of all. M
68 Ainsworth English From Ann's estate. M
69 Ajanabh Hindi Mountain. M

70 Akilesh Hindi King of all. M
71 Alammelech Biblical God is king M
72 Alberich Norse A mythical dwarf. M
73 Aldfrith Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
74 Aldrich English Aged and wise ruler. M
75 Aldrich French Old or wise ruler. M
76 Aldrich Teutonic Sage. M
77 Aleekcheaahoosh NativeAmerican Crow name meaning accomplished. M
78 Alemeth Biblical Hiding, youth, worlds, upon the dead. M
79 Allon-bachuth Biblical The oak of weeping. M
80 Altamish Muslim Vanguard. Commander.. M