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101 Anguysh ArthurianLegend Father of Isolde. M
102 Anish Indian Born without a master. M
103 Ansleigh English From the awe inspiring one's meadow. M
104 Antioch Biblical Speedy as a chariot M
105 Antothijah Biblical Answers or songs of the Lord, afflictions. M
106 Aodh Celtic Fire. M
107 Aodh Gaelic Spirit. M
108 Aodh Irish Fire; fiery. M
109 Aodhaigh Irish Variant of Aodh: Fire; fiery. M

110 Aoidh Irish Variant of Aodh: Fire; fiery; white fire. M
111 Aoidh Scottish Spirited. M
112 Aphekah Biblical Strength, a rapid torrent. M
113 Aphiah Biblical Speaking, blowing. M
114 Ar-ke-kee-tah NativeAmerican Oto name meaning stay. M
115 Arach Hebrew Ready; prepared. M
116 Arah Biblical The way; a traveler M
117 Arapoosh NativeAmerican Crow name meaning stomach ache. M
118 Araunah Biblical Ark; song; joyful cry M
119 Ardagh Irish From the high field. M
120 Ardaleah English From the home lover's meadow. M