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121 Ardleigh English From the home lover's meadow. M
122 Ardolph English Home loving wolf. M
123 Arioch Biblical Long; great; tall M
124 Arioch Hebrew Royal. M
125 Arleigh English From the hare's meadow. M
126 Arleigh Hebrew Variant of Arles: Promise. M
127 Arsh Muslim Dominion . Crown. Throne.. M
128 Arth Anglo-Saxon Like an eagle. M
129 Arumah Biblical High, exalted. M

130 Aryeh Hebrew Lion of God. M
131 Aryoch Hebrew Variant of Arioch: Royal. M
132 Asaiah Biblical The Lord hath wrought M
133 Asaph Biblical Who gathers together. M
134 Asaph Hebrew Gathers. M
135 Ash English Ash tree. M
136 Ash Hebrew Diminutive of Asher: Happy. In the old Testament, Asher was one of Jacob's sons. M
137 Ashnah Biblical Change. M
138 Ashtaroth Biblical Flocks, sheep, riches. M
139 Ashtoreth Biblical Flocks, sheep, riches. M
140 Asiph Hebrew Variant of Asaph: Gather. M