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141 Ataiah Hebrew God helps. M
142 Atarah Biblical A crown M
143 Ataroth Biblical Crowns M
144 Athach Biblical Thy time. M
145 Athaiah Biblical The Lord's time. M
146 Atiah Arabic Ready. M
147 Atleigh English Variant of Atley: From the meadow. M
148 Attleigh English Variant of Atley: From the meadow. M
149 Atworth English Lives at the farmstead. M

150 Aviah Hebrew My father is Lord. M
151 Avimelech Hebrew Father is king. M
152 Avith Biblical Wicked; perverse M
153 Awarnach ArthurianLegend A giant. M
154 AyIsworth Teutonic Of awe inspiring worth. M
155 Azaliah Biblical Near the Lord M
156 Azaniah Biblical Hearing the Lord; the Lord's weapons M
157 Azaniah Hebrew God is listening; God listens. M
158 Azariah Biblical He that hears the Lord M
159 Azariah Hebrew Variant of Azarael: God helps. M
160 Azarlah Hebrew Whom God helps. The name Azalrah was given to several Old Testament characters, including a king of Judah. M