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21 Abi Biblical My father M
22 Abisai Hawaiian Variant of Apikai: Gift of God; gift from God. M
23 Abishai Biblical The present of my father. M
24 Abishai Hebrew Variant of Avishai: Gift from God. M
25 Adami Biblical My man; red; earthy; human M
26 Addi Biblical My witness, adorned, prey M
27 Adi Indian A form of Vasishtha. M
28 Adlai Biblical 'My witness, my ornament' M
29 Adlai Hebrew Justice of God; my ornament. An Old Testament name, now generally associated with 20th-century American statesman Adlai Stevenson. M

30 Adri Hindi Rock. M
31 Adunbi African Nigerian word for pleasant. M
32 Afi Norse Grandfather. M
33 Afi Polynesian Fire. M
34 Agni Hindi Fire. M
35 Ahasbai Biblical Trusting in me; a grown-up brother M
36 Ahi Biblical My brother; my brethren M
37 Ahumai Biblical A meadow of waters; a brother of waters M
38 Ai Biblical Mass, heap. M
39 Aingeni Basque Messenger. M
40 Ajani African He fights for possession. (Nigerian). M