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61 Al English Variant of Alan: Fair; handsome. Also both a diminutive of Albert (noble, bright) and an abbreviation of names beginning with Al-. M
62 Al Gaelic Diminutive of Alistair: A Scottish Gaelic variant of Alexander from the Greek meaning defender of man. M
63 Al German Diminutive of Alvin: Friend. M
64 Alfrothul Norse Of the sun. M
65 All English Diminutive of Alfred: Sage, wise. From the Old English Aelfraed, meaning elf counsel. Also from Ealdfrith or Alfrid, meaning old peace. Handsome. M
66 Amal Biblical Labor, iniquity. M
67 Amal Hindi Pure. M
68 Amall German Power of an eagle. M
69 Amell German Power of an eagle. M

70 Amiel Hebrew Variant of Ammiel: The people of God. M
71 Amil Muslim Variant of Amil: Worker. Effective.. M
72 Amil Hindi Unattainable. M
73 Amil Muslim Worker. Effective.. M
74 Ammiel Biblical The people of God. M
75 Ammiel Hebrew The people of God. M
76 Amoll German Power of an eagle. M
77 Amraphel Biblical One that speaks of secrets M
78 Amul Hindi Valuable. M
79 Anael Greek Guardian of Librans. M
80 Anatol Greek Easterner. M