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81 Adoniram Biblical My Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation M
82 Adoraim Biblical Strength of the sea. M
83 Adoram Biblical Their beauty, their power. M
84 Adramyttium Biblical The court of death. M
85 Adullam Biblical Their testimony, their prey, their ornament. M
86 Adummim Biblical Earthy, red, bloody things. M
87 Ahiam Biblical Mother's brother; brother of a nation M
88 Ahikam Biblical A brother who raises up or avenges+D140 M
89 Ahinoam Biblical Beauty of the brother; brother of motion M

90 Ahiram Biblical Brother of craft or of protection M
91 Ahsalom Hebrew Father of peace. M
92 Ahuzam Biblical Their taking or possessing vision. M
93 Akim Hebrew God will establish. M
94 Akim Russian God. M
95 Akrabbim Biblical Scorpions. M
96 Akram Arabic Generous. M
97 Akram Muslim More generous. Merciful.. M
98 Al'alim Arabic Omniscient. M
99 Alam Muslim Variant of Aalam: World. Universe.. M
100 Aldhelm Anglo-Saxon Name of a bishop. M