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101 Aldhelm English From the Old English Ealdhelm, meaning old helmet, common until the Norman Conquest, and revived in the 19th century. M
102 Alhsom German Sacred fame. M
103 Alim Muslim Variant of Alim: Man of learning. Wise.. M
104 Alim Muslim Man of learning. Wise.. M
105 Almon-diblathaim Biblical Hidden in a cluster of fig trees. M
106 Am Swedish Eagle. M
107 Amikam Hebrew Rising nation. M
108 Amiram Hebrew Of lofty people. M
109 Amram Biblical An exalted people, their sheaves, handfuls of corn. M

110 Amram Hebrew Rising nation. M
111 Anamim Biblical A fountain, answer, affliction. M
112 Anem Biblical An answer, their affliction. M
113 Aniam Biblical A people; the strength or sorrow of people. M
114 Anim Biblical Answerings, singings, afflicted. M
115 Anjum Muslim Stars.. M
116 Anscom English Lives in the valley of the majestic one. M
117 Anseim English Introduced from Germany by 11th century St Anselm, who became Archbishop of Canterbury. M
118 Anseim German From the Old German Ansehelm, meaning god-helmet. M
119 Anselm French Variant of Ansel: Follower; one who follows a nobleman. M
120 Anselm Teutonic Divine helmet. M