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121 Anum African Ghanian name given to the fifth born child. M
122 Anum Egyptian Fifth born. M
123 Anzelm Teutonic Divine helmet. M
124 Appaim Biblical Face, nostrils. M
125 Aram Assyrian High; exalted. M
126 Aram Biblical Highness; magnificence; one that deceives; curse M
127 Aram Hebrew Father of a multitude. M
128 Arqam Muslim Writer. The best recorder.. M
129 Asbiom Norse Divine bear. M

130 Asbjom Norse Divine bear. M
131 Aseem Arabic Variant of Azim: Defender. M
132 Aseem Hindi Eternal. M
133 Asgrim Norse In Njal's saga the chieftain of Tongue. M
134 Asim Muslim Variant of Aasim: Protector. Guardian.. M
135 Asim Arabic Guardian; defender. M
136 Asim Egyptian Protector. M
137 Asim Muslim Variant of Aasim: Protector. Guardian.. M
138 Aslam Muslim Safer. Freer.. M
139 Asshurim Biblical Liers in want; beholders. M
140 Assim Persian Great one. M