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301 Amsden English From Ambrose's valley. M
302 Amun Egyptian God of mystery. M
303 An Norse Son of Grim. M
304 An Vietnamese Peace. M
305 An Toan Vietnamese Safe; secure. M
306 Anacreon Latin Name of an ancient poet. M
307 Anakausuen NativeAmerican Worker (Algonquin). M
308 Anbidian Anglo-Saxon Patient. M
309 Andenon Swedish Son of Ander. M

310 Anderson Greek Son of Ander. M
311 Anderson Norse Son of Ander. M
312 Anderson Scandinavian Manly; brave. Variant of English Andrew. M
313 Anderson Scottish Son of Andrew. M
314 Andettan Anglo-Saxon Confesses. M
315 Andrian English Manly; brave. Modern variant of Andrew. M
316 Andrion Latin Of the Adriatic. M
317 Andswarian Anglo-Saxon Answers. M
318 Andwyrdan Anglo-Saxon Present. M
319 Aneirin Welsh Uncertain origin, but may be derived from the Latin Honorius meaning man of honour, or from the Welsh eur meaning gold. M
320 Anen Biblical An answer, their affliction. M