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461 Athelstan English High-born rock. M
462 Athelston English From the noble's hill. M
463 Atherton English From the town by a spring. M
464 Atkinson English Son of Aiken. M
465 Atman Hindi Self. M
466 Atyhtan Anglo-Saxon Entice. M
467 Auberon English Variant of Aubrey: Rules with elf-wisdom. Introduced into Britain from France by Aubrey de Vere, a friend of William the Conquerer. De Vere's grandson became the Earl of Oxford. M
468 Aubin French Fair. M
469 Aubin Latin White. M

470 Aubrian Teutonic Rules the elves. M
471 Aubyn Latin White. M
472 Auden English Old friend. M
473 Audun Norse Friend of wealth. M
474 Audwin German Noble friend. M
475 Audwin Teutonic Rich. M
476 Audwyn Teutonic Rich. M
477 Augustin Latin From Augustus meaning magic majestic, dignity, or venerable. M
478 Augustyn Polish Polish form of Augustus 'majestic'. M
479 Auheron French A diminutive of the Old French Auberi. Auberon was the king of the fairies in medieval romance. M
480 Auheron German Derived from two Old German words meaning noble and bear-like. Auberon was the king of the fairies in medieval romance. M