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101 Adrian Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' A Volscian. 'The Tempest' A lord. M
102 Adrien French Variant of Adrian. 'From Adria.': (Adriatic sea region.). M
103 Adrien Latin Of the Adriatic. M
104 Adrion English From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.). M
105 Adrion Latin From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.). M
106 Adron English From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.). M
107 Adron Latin From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.). M
108 Aegeon Shakespearean 'The Comedy of Errors' A merchant of Syracuse. M
109 Aegion Shakespearean 'The Comedy of Errors' Father to the twin brothers Antipholus of Ephesus, and Antipholus of Syracuse. M

110 Aekerman English Man of oak. M
111 Aenon Biblical A cloud; fountain; his eye M
112 Aesclin English Lives at the ash tree pool. M
113 Aesctun English From the ash tree farm. M
114 Aescwyn English Spear friend. M
115 Aeson Greek Father of Jason in ancient Greek mythology. M
116 Aeson Latin Father of Jason. M
117 Aethelbeorn English Noble warrior. M
118 Aethelisdun English From the noble's hill. M
119 Aethelstan Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
120 Aethelstun English From the elfs home. M