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121 Aetheston English From the noble's hill. M
122 Aethretun English Lives at the spring farm. M
123 Agamemnon Greek Leader of the Greek forces against Troy. M
124 Agamemnon Shakespearean 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' The Greek general. M
125 Agiefan Anglo-Saxon Gives. M
126 Agoston Hungarian Hungarian form of Gustaaf 'staff of the gods'. M
127 Agoston Latin Majestic. M
128 Agravain ArthurianLegend Brother of Gawain. M
129 Agrican French From the field. M

130 Aguistin Irish Majestic. M
131 Aguistin Latin Variant of August: Deserving of respect. M
132 Agustin Latin Variant of August: Deserving of respect. M
133 Agustin Spanish Majestic dignity; grandeur. M
134 Agyfen Anglo-Saxon Gives. M
135 Aharon Hebrew Variant of Aaron: Lofty; exalted; high mountain. Biblically, Aaron was Moses' older brother (and keeper by God's command). He was first high priest of the Israelites, remembered for the miraculous blossoming of his staff or rod. M
136 Ahearn Celtic Lord of the horses. M
137 Ahearn Irish Lord of the horses. M
138 Aheawan Anglo-Saxon Cuts down. M
139 Ahebban Anglo-Saxon Wages war. M
140 Aherin Gaelic Owns many horses. M