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141 Aquilino Spanish Eagle. M
142 Aquilo Greek North wind. M
143 Arcenio Greek Virile; masculine. St. Arsenius the Great tutored Roman emperor Theodosius' sons. Actor/television personality Arsenio Hall. M
144 Archibaldo Spanish Bold. M
145 Argo Greek Name of Jason's ship. M
146 Ario Spanish Variant of Arrio: Warlike; fierce. M
147 Arlando Hebrew Pledge. M
148 Arlo English Fortified hill. M
149 Arlo Italian Variant of English Charles A man.'. M

150 Arlo Latin Strong; manly. M
151 Arlo Spanish Bayberry (tree). M
152 Armando German Army man. Variant of Herman. M
153 Armando Spanish Army man. Variant of Herman. M
154 Armando Teutonic Warrior. M
155 Armanno Italian Soldier. M
156 Armino Teutonic Warrior. M
157 Armondo German Variant of Armand: Army man; soldier. Famous Bearer: romantic actor Armand Assante. M
158 Armondo Italian Army man. M
159 Armonno Teutonic Warrior. M
160 Arnaldo Italian Italian form of Arnold 'eagle'. M