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181 Ankur Hindi Flower; blossom. M
182 Annar Norse Father of the world. M
183 Annar Scandinavian Born second. M
184 Ansgar Celtic Warrior. M
185 Ansgar Norse Spear of the gods. M
186 Ansgar Swedish Warrior. M
187 Ansgar Teutonic Divine spear. M
188 Antenor Latin An elder of Troy. M
189 Antenor Shakespearean 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' A Trojan commander. M

190 Antor ArthurianLegend Foster father of Arthur. M
191 Anwaar Muslim Multiple lights. Luster.. M
192 Anwar Arabic Beams of light; shafts of light. M
193 Anwar Muslim Beautiful. Disclosed.. M
194 Anwar Welsh Wild. M
195 Anwir Welsh Liar. M
196 Ar Biblical Awakening, uncovering. M
197 Arar Latin From the Arar. M
198 Arber French Dealer of herbs. M
199 Arber Latin Sells herbs. M
200 Arbor Latin Sells herbs. M