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241 Ator Anglo-Saxon Venom. M
242 Attewater English From the waterside. M
243 Attor Anglo-Saxon Venom. M
244 Atur Celtic Variant of Arthur: Bear; rock. M
245 Atwater English From the waterside. M
246 Auctor ArthurianLegend Foster father of Arthur. M
247 Ausar Egyptian Another name for Osiris. M
248 Avarair Armenian From Avarair. M
249 Avatar Hindi Descending. M

250 Avidor Hebrew Father of a multitude. M
251 Avigdor Hebrew Father protection. M
252 Avikar Hebrew My father is priceless. M
253 Avikar Hindi Flawlessness. M
254 Aviner Hebrew Variant of Abner: Father of light. M
255 Aviur Hebrew Father of fire. M
256 Avner Hebrew Father of light. M
257 Aylmar English Variant of Elmer: Noble. M
258 Aylmar Teutonic Of awe inspiring fame. M
259 Aylmer English Infamous. From the Old English Aethelmaer meaning noble and famous. Used as a first name during the Middle Ages, Aylmer later became more popular as a surname. M
260 Aylmer Teutonic Of awe inspiring fame. M