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61 Adair Gaelic From the oak tree ford. M
62 Adair Scottish From the oak tree ford. Uncertain origin. May be a variant of Edgar, or from the Gaelic for 'oak tree ford'. Used for many hundreds of years as both surname and first name. M
63 Adalgar German Noble spearman. M
64 Adar Biblical High; eminent M
65 Adar Hebrew Noble. M
66 Adar Syrian Ruler; prince. M
67 Addolgar Welsh Devout. M
68 Adir Hebrew Noble. M
69 Adlar German Eagle. M

70 Adlar Teutonic Brave noble. M
71 Adler English Eagle. M
72 Adler German An eagle. M
73 Adler Teutonic Brave noble. M
74 Adwr Welsh Coward. M
75 Aegir Norse Of the gods. M
76 Aeker English From the oak tree. M
77 Aesir Norse Of the gods. M
78 Aethelmaer English Noble or famous. M
79 Aevar Norse Son of Ketil. M
80 Afsar Muslim Better. Explained. Officer.. M