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161 Ammar Arabic Long-living; builder. M
162 Ammar Muslim The builder. Constructor. One who prays and fasts a great deal.. M
163 Amr ArthurianLegend Son of Arthur. M
164 Amr Muslim Old Arabic name.. M
165 Amyneddgar Welsh Patient. M
166 Anadar Hawaiian Variant of Anakale: Crown. M
167 Anaximander Latin Name of a Greek philosopher. M
168 Ander Basque Basque form of Andrew. M
169 Ander Greek Manly. M

170 Ander Norse Norse form of Andrew. M
171 Andor English Variant of Andrew: Brave; Manly. Famous Bearer: Prince Andrew. M
172 Andor Greek Manly. M
173 Andor Hungarian Manly. M
174 Andor Scandinavian Thor's eagle. M
175 Aner Biblical Answer, song, affliction M
176 Angor Welsh Anchor. M
177 Anir ArthurianLegend Son of Arthur. M
178 Anker Danish Danish form of Andrew. M
179 Anker Greek Manly. M
180 Anker Scandinavian He who harvests; harvester. M