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281 Argos Greek All seeing. M
282 Argus Danish Vigilant. M
283 Argus Greek Bright; all seeing. M
284 Argus Latin A monster. M
285 Aries Greek The ram. M
286 Aries Latin Ram. M
287 Ariobananes Latin Name of a king. M
288 Aristaeus Greek Noble; son of Apollo. M
289 Aristarchus Biblical The best prince M

290 Aristarchus Latin Severe critic. M
291 Aristides Greek The best. M
292 Aristobulus Biblical A good counselor M
293 Aristokles Greek The most famous. M
294 Aristophanes Latin Name of a poet. M
295 Aristoteles Latin Latin form of Aristotle. M
296 Arkhippos Greek Ruler of horses. M
297 Arles Hebrew Promise. M
298 Arles Scandinavian Pledge. M
299 Arlis Hebrew Variant of Arles: Promise. M
300 Arlys Anglo-Saxon Honorable. M