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321 Ascanius Latin Son of Aeneas. M
322 Asclepius Latin God of medicine. M
323 Asklepios Greek God of medicine. M
324 Asopus Greek A river god. M
325 Assos Biblical Approaching, coming near. M
326 Astraeus Greek Starry one. M
327 Asyncritus Biblical Incomparable. M
328 Atabulus Latin Southeastem wind. M
329 Athamas Greek Father of Phrixus and Helle. M

330 Athamas Latin Brother of Sisyphus. M
331 Athanasios Greek Noble. M
332 Athanasius Greek Immortal. M
333 Athangelos Armenian Name of a historian. M
334 Atlas Greek A Titan. M
335 Atlas Latin A Titan. M
336 Atreides Greek Descended from Atreus. M
337 Atreus Greek Father of Agamemnon in ancient Greek mythology. M
338 Atreus Latin Father of Agamemnon. M
339 Atrides Latin Descended from Atreus. M
340 Attalus Biblical Increased; nourished M